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Water-Protec offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to become certified dealers representing an industry-leading product to eliminate water damage insurance claims.


We help prevent water damage with a Canadian-designed technological innovation.

The product is intended for any building in the residential, industrial and commercial sectors.

The product has been on the Canadian market since 2014.

Water-Protec brings peace of mind to its clients.

Why Water-Protec?

The Water-Protec Certified Dealer Guide will provide all the information and training you will need to understand the industry and the technology.

We provide our dealers with:

  • A comprehensive program of certified dealers

  • Product development

  • Corporate programs with most insurance companies

  • Complete business solution (CRM, accounting and inventory systems)

  • Improved web application

  • Product Advertising

  • Installation videos

  • Demonstration kits

  • A simple solution to install at a good price

What is expected of you to succeed

  • Develop a strategy and solicit prospects on a daily basis such as homeowners, condominium unions, condominium managers, insurance brokers, contractors, plumbing distributors, senior living facilities, and more

  • Implement certified Water-Protec installation methods

  • Use the Water-Protec business solution

  • Provide Water-Protec systems to clients

  • Ensure that all persons involved in the delivery of the project are there
    for the installation


  • Get client referrals

your profile

We are looking for a team of people with successful sales careers, fully dedicated to this project, with a broad understanding of technology, networking skills, a high level of confidence and enthusiasm.

If you have these capabilities and want to run your own business, contact us!

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