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WiFi Setup Mode

You can choose to connect your system to the Internet. This allows you to view its status from a secure portal and receive
notifications by email or text message. It is also possible to share your system status with other users.

  1. To enter Wi-Fi mode, press and hold the Cancel button for 3 seconds.
    a. If the manoeuvre was successful, LEDs 1 to 4 light green in sequence.

  2. When the mode is ready, LEDs 1 and 2 and then 3 and 4 light green in sequence and a Wi-Fi network named Water-ProTec AP becomes available.

  3. Connect your computer, tablet or phone to the Water-ProTec AP Wi-Fi network.

  4. Once connected, open a web browser and type the following numbers in the address bar:

  5. The router configuration web page is displayed in the language of the browser used (English or French).

  6. Find the name of your Wi-Fi network and enter your password.

  7. Press Save.
    a. LEDs 1 to 4 will light yellow in sequence while attempting to connect to your router.
    b. If the connection is successful, LEDs 1 to 4 will flash green for 10 seconds.
    c. If the connection to the router is not made after 15 seconds, LEDs 1 to 4 will flash red for 10 seconds. In this case, start again from step 1.

  8. When the system is connected to a router, the Wi-Fi LED lights up green.

  9. If no Wi-Fi network is configured, the Wi-Fi LED is off.

  10. If a Wi-Fi network is configured to your system but it cannot connect, the Wi-Fi LED is red.

WPS connexion (Wifi Protect Setup)

WPS synchronization connection is available.

Warning: you must have a compatible router to use this connection mode. Activating WPS mode erases any configuration that may be present on the Water-Protec system.

To activate this mode:

  1. Press the Silence button for 3 seconds. 
    a. If the maneuver was successful, LEDs 1 to 4 light up alternately (green).

  2. Press the Program button for 3 seconds (available on the left side of the panel)
    a. LEDs 1 to 4 light up yellow alternately while WPS mode is activated (approximately 30 seconds).

  3. Find your router and press the WPS button

  4. Return to the Water-Protec system
    a. If the configuration is successful, LEDs 1 to 4 will flash green for 10 seconds.
    b. If the configuration failed, they flash red for 10 seconds.

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